Cyber Chat | Cloud Resilience

Wondering what Cloud Resiliency is and how to better use it? This cyber chat is with Rea & Associates’, Ty Whittenburg discussing with Compliance Risk’s, Tim Golden. This video dives into the ins and outs of what Cloud Resilience is, why you should consider it, and what those implications may be. The limitations with on-premise servers are numerous – with the “cloud” you can have services such as starting a desktop or server completed in minutes. Company’s must decide how it may fit into their business model and more. Having core functions within a business accessible at all times is essential – unplanned situations occur and they always will. You need to have fail proof systems. Ty and Tim will hash out solutions for you to get ahead of those unexpected situations that occur.

There will be a need for planning thoroughly for implementation of the cloud but the benefit of the clouds security far outweighs the build up of time and energy to get to implementation. Tim then expands on the importance of checks and balances from a compliance perspective in all aspects of your organization.

Tim recommends 1. Find a trusted partner or advisor that can help guide you, 2. Develop a plan and identify what’s important to you, 3. Successful execution and auditing of the implementation process.

Watch this conversation to learn more about the risks you face when your company lacks Cloud Resiliency – and what you can do to mitigate the risks associated.