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A Closer Look At GASB 84 & 88

Rea’s Government Services Team Presents In-Depth Webinar On GASB 84, GASB 88

The Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) has, once again, changed the way entities manage specific aspects of their financial statements in an effort to improve the information and overall integrity of their financial reporting requirements. However, as in most circumstances, the changes to GASB 84 and GASB 88 take some getting used to and further education is needed.

This educational webinar, presented by finance professionals and GASB experts, will provide you with a comprehensive overview of GASB 84 and 88 while providing you with the insight necessary to ensure that your entity is in compliance with the new standards. During this hour-long presentation, you will gain:

  • A Greater Understanding of Fiduciary Activities
  • GASB 84 Request Form Clarity
  • Insight Into Disclosure Notes Related To Debt

You will also gain access to several intuitive resources, including flow charts, a worksheet and access to the presentation slides.

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