Beyond Medical Practice Ownership

What Are You Doing To Protect Your Wealth?

Medical Practice Retirement | Succession Plan | Ohio CPA FirmNot only are you the owner of a successful medical practice, you are a future retiree, and that means you have a lot of planning to do to secure the type of retirement lifestyle you deserve.

You've worked your whole life to establish yourself in the healthcare industry and build a practice you can be proud of. But what are you doing to protect and manage your wealth? When the time comes for you to exit your business, will you be ready? Will you have the funds needed to support your retirement lifestyle? Do you know how much your practice is worth? It's important to start asking these questions (and so many more) now.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of great wealth management and protection strategies you can take advantage of early in your career. Keep reading to find out the many ways we can help you get to your desired destination.

Wealth Management

You have worked hard to get to where you are today and, hopefully, your bank account and your retirement savings account is a testament to your dedication and passion. What are you doing to protect the wealth you've accumulated throughout your career? Do you have a tax strategy designed to keep more of your hard-earned money with you where it belongs?

It is so important to sit down with your trusted advisor regularly to examine your current financial position, create short- and long-term goals and develop and execute proven strategies to help you reach them. Your team of advisors can help you look at the big picture. There are a variety of wealth management strategies available to you. Never underestimate the power of a solid, strategic plan.

Retirement Plan Strategy

The structure of your business’s retirement plan can have far-reaching implications. Simple adjustments to your current plan or the developing a new program may allow you to maximize your own retirement planning strategy while providing for the retirement of your valued employees, as well. Learn more about Rea's retirement plan design services and speak with our team of strategists and experts to learn more.

Succession Planning

Sooner or later you will make your exit from business ownership. When that happens, what will happen to your largest, and most valuable asset? Have you given your succession strategy much thought? And, if you are planning to sell, do you know how much your practice is worth today and what you can do to maximize it's value. Fortunately, our business valuations and transaction advisory services team has literally seen it all and can help you identify the right succession plan for your particular situation.

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