Rea & Associates & Dyer Roche Merger Effective Nov. 1, 2020

Rea & Associates and Dyer Roche & Company, a full-service accounting firm with offices in Wooster, Medina, and Millersburg officially merged on November 1. The news of the intention to merge was announced in April 2020.

New Office Building In Wooster | Rea & Associates | Ohio CPA Firm
Rea & Associates is constructing a new office building on North Market Street in Wooster to accommodate the firm’s substantial growth in the area. Taken on Oct. 30, 2020, this picture shows that many of the steel beams have already been erected. The building is scheduled to be complete in 2021. Until construction concludes on this new building, Rea & Associates employees in Wooster will be split between two office locations, Wooster North and Wooster South.

Question: Why did Rea & Associates and Dyer Roche merge?

Answer: This merger was completed as a way to enable our combined firm to grow throughout East Central Ohio and the Cleveland, Ohio area while bringing on additional top talent. Culture fit was a driving force of this decision. Rea and Dyer Roche share the same core values. People are our top priority. We do business by putting people first – such as team members, clients, and community members. While Rea is a regional firm, with more than 300 employees and multiple offices throughout the state, firm leaders are passionate about maintaining the “small firm feel” while still being able to offer a great number of resources designed to help our clients achieve growth and financial wellness.

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Question: How will this merger be beneficial to Dyer Roche clients?

Answer: Combining with Rea, a Top 100 CPA and Business Consulting Firm, will support our overall mission of being able to provide local, personalized service backed by the expertise of more than 300 team members. Because of the wider array of services offered by Rea, employees new to Rea & Associates as a result of merging in Dyer Roche will be better prepared to serve all the needs of their clients now and in the future. Additionally, this merger also offers new growth opportunities for employees new to the combined firm. Moving forward, they will have the opportunity to work with new clients, acquire new skills, and become “famous” in their chosen areas of expertise.

Question: What will the combined firm be called?

Answer: Collectively, our team will be known as Rea & Associates.

Question: What will be the footprint of the combined firm?

Answer: As a combined firm with Dyer Roche, Rea & Associates will have more than 320 employees serving clients from offices across the State of Ohio, including offices in Mentor, Wooster, New Philadelphia, Millersburg, Marietta, Dublin, Cambridge, Zanesville, Medina, Lima, Amherst, and Independence. In Mentor and Millersburg, the Dyer Roche offices have closed and team members have moved to the Rea & Associates offices in these locations. In Wooster, Rea & Associates is in the process of constructing a new, larger office space to accommodate the rapid growth taking place in this area. Until the new office building is completed, Rea & Associates will serve clients from two Wooster locations. Wooster North, also known as the Rea & Associates office space, is located at 545 N. Market St., Wooster, OH 44691. Wooster South, formerly known as the Dyer Roche office space, is located at 121 N. Market St., Wooster, OH 44691.

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Question: Where will team members in Wooster sit?

Answer: To encourage collaboration and a true merger of our cultures, several long-time Rea employees will relocate to the Wooster South office space while several former Dyer Roche employees will move to the Wooster North office. We understand this transition might be difficult, which is why we put together a “seating chart,” that will show you whether the team member you regularly work with has changed offices. You can click here to view the seating chart at any time.

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Question: Where do I go if I need to drop off documents to my CPA?

Question: Will my fee structure change?

Answer: As of now, clients of Dyer Roche will see no changes in the service they currently receive or in their fees. Clients will continue to work with the same service teams, but will also have the opportunities to learn about and benefit from additional services that are now available to them as a result of the merger.

Question: How do I contact my CPA?

Answer: Even though we’ve merged, all phone numbers will remain the same. That means you can continue to use the number you’ve always used to call your CPA. That being said, the email address will change as a result of the merger. We are committed to making every effort to notify those who will be impacted by the change, but, if you are still unsure, Rea & Associates email addresses are set up in the following way:

[first name].[last name]

For example, if you would like to contact Cathy Roche, the email address you would use is

Question: What can I do to learn more about the merger?

Answer: We understand that you likely have additional questions related to this merger and how it will impact you and your business or organization. The Rea & Associates team is happy to hear what you have to say and to answer any questions you may have. In addition to reaching out to your existing CPA or business consultant, you can click here to contact Rea & Associates. We will then connect you with the person most appropriate to answer your question in a timely manner. Otherwise, you can call our offices: Medina (330.722.8222), Millersburg (330.674.6055), Wooster North (330.264.0791), or Wooster South (330.262.0061).

Question: Do I need to do anything now that the merger is official?

Answer: Nope! There is nothing you have to do as a result of this merger other than continue to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. In the meantime, however, you are welcome to tour our website at to access a wealth of content and insight from our team of service professionals and industry experts. From frequent blog posts, a weekly podcast, a client portal, and a wealth of financial calculators and tools, you are sure to find tips and practices to help you facilitate even greater business success.