We won’t ask you to get us coffee unless you offer

“No one treats me like an intern at Rea & Associates – I’m doing the same things as everyone else.” – Derek M.

Think a day in the life of an intern is just simple tax returns and coffee runs? Think again. We provide our interns with real-world experience that acts as the foundation for their accounting career. No two days are alike. Each day brings new opportunities in different disciplines and industries to help you choose where you want to focus.

If you’re chosen to intern at one of our locations, you’ll participate in a three-day training session for an introduction to Rea and our expectations, policies, software, etc. On day four, you’ll be welcomed at your assigned office. After that, you’ll get a taste of just about everything. That includes bookkeeping, business returns and 1040 tax returns and assurance. Except, you won’t be behind a desk every day. You’ll also be invited to meet with clients and participate in community service events.

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