Rachelle Lewandowski

Millersburg, OH
Resident of Millersburg, OH
Rea Team Member Since 2019
  • Rachelle spends her days at Rea working on tax and audit engagements.

How we know she knows what she's doing:

Rachelle earned her bachelor's degree in accounting from Ashland University

Prior to joining Rea, Rachelle worked at The J.M. Smuckers Company

Rachelle is involved in her community:

She is involved with NewPointe Community Church

When she's not in the office, you can find her:

Spending time with family/friends
Being active
Listening to audio books/podcasts

Inside The Mind Of...

What does “A Brighter Way” mean to you? Choose to be kind, provide value to our clients, be creative, and look at tasks from different perspectives.

Why do you choose to work at Rea? The values of the company align with my personal values. I admire the company's reputation and culture. The emphasis on valuing people and the communities we live in is everything.

What do you consider is your “brightest” quality? Being personable

What line of The Rea Way describes you the best? Choose to be positive every day.

Just For Fun:

What did 10-year-old you want to be when you grew up? A teacher

What was your first job? Retail at Guggisberg Cheese

What is the best restaurant you’ve ever eaten at? Runaway Island

I am a dedicated professional that values people and the community.