Lou Ann Wiegand – Rea CPA

Lou Ann Wiegand

Client Service Specialist
Amherst, OH
Resident of Oberlin, OH
Rea Team Member Since 2017
  • Lou Ann is responsible for bookkeeping, payroll and fixed assets

Topics or areas of expertise that Lou Ann can talk about (even in her sleep):

  • Payroll returns
  • W-2's
  • 1099's

How she's helped clients meet their business needs:

  • Lou Ann offered to help a client with multiple rental properties by creating a monthly excel spreadsheet to make their year end processes a lot easier.

How we know she knows what she's doing:

  • Lou Ann has more than 25 years of experience in the accounting industry.
  • She has previously worked at Frank, Seringer & Chaney, Inc.
  • She joined Rea through the Walthall merger in 2017

Furthering her professional development, Lou Ann is involved with:

  • Lorain County Chamber of Commerce
  • Amherst Main Street

When she's not in the office, you can find her:

  • Spending time with family
  • Going to Amish produce auctions

Inside The Mind Of...

  • What does "A Brighter Way" mean to you?
    A way to see the light at the end of the tunnel, which is a way to see the answer.
  • What's your favorite aspect of your job?
    Speaking with clients and getting to know more about their financial and tax situation.
  • What do you consider is your "brightest" quality?
    My personality because I like to let it be an opening for the conversations to lead to other possibilities.
  • What line of The Rea Way describes you the best?
    Be a good steward

Just For Fun:

  • What makes you get out of bed every day?
    My dog, but I am a morning person and want to jump into the day and get started.
  • What was your first job?
    Bookkeeper at AAA in Oberlin
  • What did 10-year-old you want to be when you grew up?
    A teacher so I could grade papers
I am an easy to talk to professional that tries to go above and beyond to help a client. If I can't personally help them, I try to find someone who can and get the information back to them.