Caleb Kelly

Client Service Specialist
Wooster, OH
Resident of Navarre, OH
Rea Team Member Since 2020
  • At Rea, Caleb works on 1040 preparations, partnerships and S-Corporations preparations and various bookkeeping tasks.

Topics or areas of expertise that Caleb can talk about (even in his sleep):

Individual tax


Time management

Work ethic

How we know he knows what he's doing:

Caleb is currently attending the University of Akron working on his bachelor's degree in accounting.

Before joining Rea as an intern, Caleb worked at Canton Chair Rental and Brewster Parke.

When he's not in the office, you can find him:

Spending time with friends & family.

Doing homework and studying.

Playing sports and watching them.

Before COVID, he enjoyed visiting the residents at the nursing home he used to work at, hopefully, he can get back to that soon.

Inside The Mind Of...

What does “A Brighter Way” mean to you? Giving it everything you got, and never giving 50%, even if that's all you have left.

Why do you choose to work at Rea? The people! Everyone is such a big help and they care about your growth.

Describe your work style. A business professional who values quality over quickness. I will take the extra time to make sure something is correct.

What “bright idea” do you find yourself sharing over and over? It's a great day to have a great day!

Just For Fun:

What makes you get out of bed every day? My passion!

What did 10-year-old you want to be when you grew up? A detective.

What is one trait you possess that you inherited from your mother or father? My work ethic from my father and my perseverance from my mother.

I am a young professional that always gives more than 100%, I pride myself in my work ethic and I value helping others succeed.