Bradley Enot

Senior Associate
Wooster, OH
Resident of North Canton, OH
Rea Team Member Since 2020
  • At Rea, Bradley handles taxes for S-corps, C-corps, partnerships and individuals

Topics or areas of expertise that Bradley can talk about (even in his sleep):

Coding languages in Python and C++

Excel spreadsheet modeling

S-Corp Tax laws

How we know he knows what he's doing:

Bradley received his bachelor's in accounting from the University of Akron

He joined Rea as part of the 2020 merger with Dyer Roche

When he's not in the office, you can find him:

Working on home projects

Playing video games

Going to breweries

Inside The Mind Of...

What does “A Brighter Way” mean to you? Leading the accounting profession to new, innovative paths and improving the basic concept of accounting. Also, by reinventing the way people think about accounting firms, making an accepting and fun workplace.

What is the number one reason you would hire you? I would go to great lengths for anyone, especially to further my education.

Just For Fun:

What profession would you choose if you didn’t go into accounting? I would love to make a podcast.

What was your first job? I worked at GameStop.

I am a charismatic, inventive, and bright-minded individual with a thirst for expanding my knowledge