Alex Michalski

Cleveland, OH
Resident of Willowick, OH
Rea Team Member Since 2020
  • At Rea, Alex works primarily on audits for various clients.

Topics or areas of expertise that Alex can talk about (even in his sleep):

New markets tax credit

Historic tax credit

Auditing for loans receivable

Risk assessment

Real estate for business entities

How we know he knows what he's doing:

Alex received his bachelor's degree in accounting from Kent State University.

He also received his master's in accounting from Kent State University.

He has over five years of experience in the accounting profession.

Before joining Rea, Alex worked as a supervisor at Novogradac & Company LLP.

When he's not in the office, you can find him:

Running errands or spending quality time with his family.

Inside The Mind Of...

What does “A Brighter Way” mean to you? Providing value to the client through expertise and friendly demeanor that they could not find anywhere else.

Why do you choose to work at Rea? The people-first culture became very apparent during the interview process. That really inspired me to jump to Rea.

Describe your work style. Learn every day, collaborate with others, and be willing to go above and beyond.

What line of The Rea Way describes you the best? Choose to be positive, every day.

Just For Fun:

What profession would you choose if you didn’t go into accounting? I would either want to pursue NFL scouting or bourbon distilling.

What is one trait you possess that you inherited from your mother or father? Honoring commitments and completing things to my fullest ability.

What is the best restaurant you’ve ever eaten at? Ray's Place in Kent, OH, best burger I've ever eaten.

I am a young professional that believes in working hard, respecting client needs, developing future talent, and continuing to learn every day.