Missing The Motivation To Lead?

While your nonprofit’s board of directors are likely passionate about your organization, getting them motivated to actively champion your mission, solicit sponsorships, and promote the nonprofit’s initiatives can be a difficult task. Read on for tips to help supercharge your board.

20-Year-Itch Hits Not-for-Profit Accounting

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) recently issued an exposure draft of proposed new standards that will bring about some significant changes for those working in the not-for-profit industry. Read on to find out what lies ahead.

Keeping Receipts Doesn’t Make You A Hoarder

If you’re a business owner, you probably have formal procedures in place for keeping records of business-related expenses and payments. Bonus points if you even have a record retention policy that outlines when certain documents can be purged from your files and destroyed. Many owners, however, aren’t always so diligent about hanging on to their … Continued

Don’t Let Tax Incentives Determine How You Donate

Giving to your favorite charitable organization can be very rewarding, beneficial to the community and, (for many taxpayers) partially subsidized via a deduction on your personal income tax return. Depending on your circumstances, there are a number of ways to take advantage of tax laws to “get more bang for your buck.” But before you … Continued

Not Just Counting Beans

You interact with all kinds of professionals each day. But do you truly know the ins and outs of what each professional does each and every day? Some may say that accounting is not necessarily a glamorous job, but in truth it’s typically more interesting and varied than many people realize. I have been reflective … Continued

How to Get Ahead of the Game in 12 Easy Steps

Are you a new business owner having your financial statements reviewed or audited for the first time? Or maybe you just need a refresher on good year-end closing procedures. Regardless, it’s incredibly important to issue financial statements that accurately reflect the performance of your business to lenders and investors. As you close out the year, … Continued