episode 130 – transcript

Learning about Employee Stock Ownership Plans and succession planning is even more enjoyable in “official transcript” form. Check out what Tim has to say!

episode 116 – transcript

Dave Cain: Welcome to Unsuitable on Rea Radio, the award-winning financial services and business advisory podcast that challenges your old school business practices, and their traditional business suit culture. Our guests are industry professionals and experts, who will challenge you to think beyond the suit and tie, while offering you meaningful modern solutions to help … Continued

episode 116: your baby (business) is all grown up… so what’s next?

After pouring your blood, sweat, and tears into starting and growing a business, you are now at a point in your career where you can ponder the BIG question: What’s next? Those two little words pack a big punch, and we’re going to explore the implications associated with some of the next steps you might … Continued