How To Measure The Success Of Your 401(K) Plan

Like most business owners, you’ve probably wondered how you can measure the success of your company’s 401(k) plan. Let’s find an answer by comparing some of your key business measures with traditional 401(k) plan statistics.

Avoid These Three Common Retirement Plan Mistakes

Even though you work hard to ensure that you are fulfilling your all your responsibilities with regard to your company’s retirement plan, it’s not uncommon for something to fall through the cracks. Avoid making these common mistakes.

episode 14: life is a long race, start saving now

why you should listen On episode 14 “Life Is A Long Race, Start Saving Now,” Mark is joined by Steve Renner, QKA, principal at Rea & Associates, to talk about key strategies business owners can deploy to help employees save for retirement. You’ll learn a little bit more about early enrollment, auto enrollment, annual auto … Continued

Why Do They Turn Down Free Money?!

Would your employees turn down a 3 percent raise with no strings attached? What if I told you that it happens more often than you think? When your employees choose not to participate in your company’s 401(k) match program, they are essentially leaving free money on the table.

Welcome Back!

It happens all the time – employees get rehired. And with the rehiring of employees comes lots of questions about how to handle the reemployment situation. Some of these questions surround employee benefits, specifically the business’s 401(k) plan. Over the years, I personally have received many questions from plan sponsors regarding when a rehired employee … Continued

401(k) Loans and Keeping Your Plan in Compliance

401(k) loans may seem like a nice way for plan participants to access money from their 401(k) plans prior to retirement. The drawback is that many participant loans can go bad if, at any time during their duration, they fail to satisfy any one of the IRS rules… no matter how insignificant or well-intentioned the … Continued