episode 139 – transcript

Melane Howell and Tim Dimitroff talk with Dave Cain about cryptocurrencies and what the IRS is doing to keep track and tax investors. Read the “official transcript” now!

episode 109: most new businesses fail … but you don’t have to

New entrepreneurs are faced with a lot of challenges, and oftentimes they are unequipped to deal with the obstacles that stand in their way. We want you to start your next business venture prepared. On this episode of unsuitable, we are joined by Melane Howell, a senior tax manager in Rea’s Dublin office who has … Continued

Episode 9: Taxes Are Like Fishing

On episode 9, “Taxes Are Like Fishing, Both Require Strategic Preparation To Succeed,” we’re talking with Melane Howell, tax manager. Melane provides knowledgeable tax expertise and guidance to those she serves. During this session you’ll learn from Melane the importance of strategic tax preparation and pre-planning, along with her proven proactive tips and advice in … Continued