Is Your Business at Risk?

Statistics indicate that businesses and organizations with fewer than 100 employees are at a greater risk of fraud than larger organizations. Here’s why your business might be at risk, and what you can do to reduce your likelihood of becoming a victim. A Matter of Trust It might not be scientific, but I believe the … Continued

The Flow of Streamline Sales Tax in Ohio

Sales tax in Ohio is flowing toward destination source sales tax as the state moves to come into compliance with the Streamline Sales Tax Project. This project is a multi-state initiative to make sales tax laws, rules and systems more uniform across states. Destination source sales tax changes the sales tax rate charged to be … Continued

Employers Take Note

Did you know you no longer need to send questionable W-4 federal withholding forms to the Internal Revenue Service? In the past, employers had to send the IRS any Form W-4 where an employee claimed more than 10 dependents or those claiming complete exemption from withholding if $200 or more of weekly wages were expected. … Continued