Jun 28, 2021

Episode 289: Sassy ERISA Audit Changes

Your retirement plan audit responsibilities are about to undergo a SASsy change.
Apr 14, 2021

SAS 114: Essential Information May Be Hiding In Plain Sight

What the heck is a SAS 114 letter and why are you getting one? Read on to find out.
Nov 3, 2020

Episode 257: Riding The Rollercoaster To Retirement

Want to learn how to ride the retirement prep rollercoaster without losing your lunch? Hop on board and buckle up!
Jul 14, 2020

How Furloughs And Layoffs May Affect Company Retirement Plans

Gain insight on the long-term impact furloughs and layoffs will have on retirement plans.
Jun 15, 2020

What To Know About Layoffs & Partial Plan Terminations

Have you implemented (or plan on implementing) layoffs in your company? Before you do, consider how this decision will impact your retirement plan.
Apr 27, 2020

Episode 230: You Might Need Help Managing Your Employee Benefit Plan If …

Yeah - managing your company's employee benefit plan can be pretty difficult ...
Jul 23, 2019

Don’t Be A Statistic On The DOL’s Enforcement Report

Being selected is not always a good thing ...
Jul 3, 2019

The Power Of A SOC Report

If you contract with a vendor to help manage your company's employee benefit plan, as for a SOC report.
Mar 18, 2019

And The Times, They Are A-Changing

New regulations could allow small businesses to band together in an effort to offer associate retirement plans. Read on to discover what you need to know.
Jan 21, 2019

episode 167 – student loan debt elimination – a new employee benefit?

There's disruption happening in the retirement planning industry! Do you know what it is? Listen (or watch) this episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio to learn more about the student loan debt elimination program from expert, Kim Veal.
Jan 21, 2019

episode 167 – transcript

Read the "official transcript" of this episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio to learn more about the disruption that may change the retirement planning industry.
Aug 30, 2018

Are You Taking Your Nondiscrimination ADP Test For Granted?

Similar to preparing a student for a big test, there's only so much you can do to prepare your retirement plan for nondiscrimination ADP compliance testing. Read on to learn more.
Feb 13, 2018

Plan Sponsors Can Predict The Future

It's time to predict the future ... err ... determine if your retirement plan has an audit requirement.
Feb 12, 2018

episode 120: is your retirement plan in compliance?

Listen to Kim Veal talk about retirement plan audits and "the magic number" and so much more on this episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio.
Aug 24, 2017

Don’t Just Sign On The Dotted Line

It can be tempting to blindly sign the representation letter from your audit team. After all, it's the only thing standing between you and your completed report. Keep reading to learn why you should proceed with caution.
Jul 10, 2017

episode 89: how the department of labor’s new regulations impact everyone

There are big changes coming from the Department of Labor, and the logistics behind these particular changes can be difficult to fully comprehend. Kim Veal, a supervisor on Rea’s benefit plan audit team, joins unsuitable on Rea Radio to explain what the “Big Three” up and coming DOL regulations are and how these new regulations … Continued