529 College Savings Plans

For many parents, saving for a child’s college education is thought to be as important as saving for their own retirement nest egg. Unfortunately, the biggest mistake parents make in saving for college is putting it off until the “extra” funds are available. Obviously, the longer you wait to start saving for college education needs, … Continued

Uncork Bottled Cash Flow with Cost Segregation Studies

Although many articles have been written about cost segregation studies, most emphasize the mechanics of the process. Cost segregation studies identify and allocate material components of a building including substantial improvements eligible for faster depreciation recovery periods. The additional tax deduction created by the accelerated depreciation reduces the income tax that would have been due … Continued

Risk Management

When thinking of risk management, life, medical, casualty and long-term care insurance typically would part of an individuals plan to minimize exposure. But, have you thought of the possible financial exposure created as a result of a catastrophic injury or illness to your furry friend? Many families are deciding to protect the four-legged members of … Continued