Playing By New Rules

The Great Recession ushered in a new economic era – one many businesses are still adjusting to eight years later. Recovery has been slow, and owners must now play by new rules to be successful.

episode 25: the advisory advantage

Looking for your business’s secret weapon? You’ll find it in a solid business advisory team. This week on unsuitable on Rea Radio principal and advisory team advocate Dave Cain joins Mark again to talk about how a strong advisory team, alongside a solid cash flow strategy, can help you achieve the business growth you’re looking … Continued

Episode 1 Transcript: Why $1 Million Doesn’t Matter

Mark: Welcome to Unsuitable on Rea Radio, unique financial services and business advisory show that challenges your old school business practices and the traditional business suit culture. You’ll hear from industry professionals who think beyond the suit and tie to offer meaningful, modern solutions to help you enhance your company’s growth. I’m your host Mark Van … Continued

Find Success In A Solid Cash Flow

Not only is your cash flow a powerful management and accountability tool, it’s your business’s lifeline. So this year, as you seek to protect your business’s liquidity and future growth, make the management of your business’s cash flow your priority. Better Management In 13 Weeks A 13-week cash flow projection will provide you and your … Continued

What’s In Your Business’s Financial Toolbox?

In working with small business owners over the years, I have seen a wide range of success and failure. The businesses that have shown the most potential for success have the right tools in their financial toolbox that allow them to quickly make necessary financial decisions. Here is a list of the items that should … Continued

As You Ring in the New Year

The start of a new year is, for many, a time of reflection of the year gone by and a time of hope for the year just beginning. As you relate this to your business (and to a certain extent yourself) here are some thoughts to keep in mind…   Have a plan. You cannot … Continued

Why Get Paid Later If You Can Get Paid Now?

You use your smartphone to get your email, surf the net and share news. It may even be an essential business tool, but could it do more? If you’ve seen the commercials on TV showing people processing credit cards on their mobile device, you may have wondered if this option would work for you. Basically, … Continued

Good Customer Service Is Good Business

One of the most valuable assets of your business can’t been seen or touched. It isn’t listed on your company’s balance sheet, locked in the corporate vault or stacked on the storeroom supply shelf. Some businesses have it, but for others it’s a constant struggle (that they may or may not be aware of). But … Continued

The Name Game

We’ve all been in a networking situation where we’ve forgotten the name of the person we just met. The contact ends, the potential connection is lost and with it, any hope of a business or social relationship. How you deal with people’s names in a social situation can have a profound impact on their impression … Continued