episode 155 – transcript

Rea’s tax bloodhound, Chris Axene, is on unsuitable on Rea Radio to discuss tax reform and the new guidance regarding entertainment expenses.

Changes In Store For The Self-Employed

Self-employment tax reporting for limited liability companies is undergoing some changes. Find out what they are and what opportunities are still available.

episode 119: tax cuts and jobs act: implications for c corps & flow-through entities

Chris Axene, a principal and regional tax expert at Rea, joins us on part two of our Tax Cuts and Jobs Act mini-series on unsuitable on Rea Radio to talk talk about changes that will affect the owners of C corps and flow-through entities, and whether or not business owners should reconsider their choice of entity. Listen now!

episode 118: tax cuts and jobs act: domestic & international tax revisions for business owners

From new corporate tax rates to the bonus depreciation and net operating loss provisions to a variety of changes poised to hit companies that do business overseas (and everything in between), the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is full of savings opportunities for business owners. Listen to this episode to find out what you should expect as a result of this new tax reform legislation.