What’s Your FICO?

Do you know your credit score? This year, more people than ever before will have access to this valuable piece of information, which is significant if you are considering borrowing money. A few days ago Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase and Ally Financial announced that it will begin offering FICO credit scores to consumers … Continued

Are You A High Roller?

Have you ever found yourself on the lucky side of a casino, a lottery ticket or a riverboat? If so, listen up! You may feel lucky, but don’t forget about the IRS. Every year when we prepare tax returns for clients, we come across the lucky individual who receives a W-2G from their favorite casino, … Continued

All Charitable Donations Are Not Considered Equal

As you begin to gather the information you need to prepare your 2013 personal income tax return, there are a few things to remember when it comes to charitable donations. First, you must ensure that the entity you contributed to is considered by the government as a charitable organization. Entities that qualify as such are … Continued

Energy Property Credits

With spring starting and the housing market improving, many individuals are starting the process of building a new house or purchasing an existing house with plans to remodel. If you’re thinking of making home improvements, here are some tax credits to keep in mind. Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit The Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit … Continued

Look Out!

In the ever-changing world of technology, scam artists are using new “phishing” techniques to get confidential information from consumers and businesses alike. Phishing (as in “fishing for information” and “hooking” victims) is a scam where Internet fraudsters send email messages to trick unsuspecting victims into revealing personal and financial information that they then use to … Continued

Stay Updated on Pension Regulations

Because pension regulations can be ever-changing, plan sponsors can quickly find it difficult to keep current with the laws and regulations. Here is a quick and free way to become better informed. All plan sponsors should consider enrolling through the online registration at www.plansponsor.com. By signing up online, you will receive a monthly magazine that discusses … Continued

Have you Checked Your Withholding Allowances Lately?

For many of us, we haven’t looked at, examined or reviewed the elections we made on our original W-4 form. With the year-end getting close, here are some things to consider. Are you having too much withheld?  A lot of taxpayers withhold more income tax from their earnings than they are required to, in order … Continued

Do You Offer Your Employees a Section 125 Plan?

If you don’t currently offer your employees a Section 125 Plan, have you considered the benefits of starting one? Generally speaking, a Section 125 Plan allows your employees to withhold an amount from their paycheck that is not subject to the federal income tax, Social Security tax or Medicare tax. Most often, Section 125 Plans … Continued