episode 102: today’s customer service paradigm is all about immediacy

Businesses can no longer afford to be anything but attentive, accommodating, and polite when it comes to customer service. One wrong word or tweet from someone on your front lines might be all it takes for your company to go viral … and that’s not necessarily a good thing. So, with all that’s at stake, … Continued

episode 33 – discover the hidden factory of lean business building

Thanks to the manufacturing industry, many of us are familiar with Lean Six Sigma. But did you know that the basic concepts behind this practice can be applied to any other industry you can think of? Information technology, healthcare, professional services, not-for-profit … the list goes on and on. This week, on episode 33, Chris … Continued

Turning the Tables on Ourselves: How We Used Lean Six Sigma

Continuous improvement is not only a Lean Six Sigma staple, but also a mindset within our own organization – one that drove us to see how we could improve our payroll processes. By applying Lean Six Sigma to our own business, we were able to experience first-hand what this could do for a company. “Lean Six … Continued