Sep 11, 2017

Not A Statistic

Because most owners of startup businesses have never been exposed to the unique demands of business ownership, the resources provided by incubators are critical. Read on to learn more.
Feb 13, 2017

episode 68 – keep your money: count every credit & employ every incentive

Wondering how to make filing your taxes as pain free as humanly possible? State and local tax guru Chad Bice, CPA, a principal in Rea’s Zanesville office, may have the answer. On this episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio, Chad shares some valuable insight: tax credits and incentives aren’t just for the giant corporations. Small- … Continued
Jul 1, 2008

Navigating Treacherous Seas

Sales and use tax is currently a major source of revenue for Ohio and surrounding states – and a real challenge to business owners. The many pages of intricate code and regulations are difficult to decipher and the fact that they are continually changing presents even more obstacles. “It’s next to impossible for taxpayers to … Continued