episode 92: how to avoid common mistakes & design the ideal retirement plan

Retirement planning is a team sport: participants, employers and trusted advisors need to work together to protect participants and ensure the plan is well-designed. Andrea McLane, QKA, a manager on Rea’s pension administration team in the firm’s Dublin, Ohio, office, joins us on this episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio to talk about what business … Continued

Beyond The Status Quo

If you aren’t taking advantage of today’s retirement plan trends you could be missing out on key opportunities that could drive even greater results. Find out if you are doing enough to prepare your employees for retirement.

Alternative Assets in Qualified Plans

As a retirement plan administrator, plan fiduciaries often consult me about different investment vehicles. They ask if they can invest plan assets in investment classes beyond the traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds and include investments like limited partnerships or real estate in their portfolios. The answer isn’t always clear, but as with many fiduciary … Continued

Retirement Plan Sponsors List Their Favorite Plan Options

President Obama’s State of the Union address included initiatives to improve and enhance retirement programs. And while he was putting his finishing touches on the address last week, Plansponsor.com asked pension plan administrators what plan options they would like to see enacted, and which they would like to see “get lost.” The survey revealed a … Continued

Department of Labor Issues

On January 14, 2010, the Department of Labor issued a final rule establishing a “safe harbor period” of seven business days as a reasonable time frame for depositing employee contributions and loan repayments into retirement plans Under this regulation, employers will be in compliance with ERISA rules if they deposit employee contributions within seven business … Continued

Cross-Tested Profit Sharing Plans

Have you ever wondered what exactly a cross-tested profit sharing plan is? Have you heard someone talk about how wonderful their cross-tested plan is and wonder what they are talking about? Cross-testing is a term used to describe the technique where profit sharing allocations are converted to a projected benefit at retirement to pass nondiscrimination … Continued