Transaction Analysis & Consulting Services

Our seasoned professionals have been involved with hundreds of business transactions, providing sellers with the highest after-tax proceeds, and buyers with the best purchase price allocations for future tax write-offs. This approach often helps build consensus and bring negotiating parties closer to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Your transaction analysis and consulting solutions include:

Maximizing after-tax proceeds with transaction tax planning

  • Reducing or minimizing double tax
  • Maximizing intangible assets, taxed at lower capital gains rates
  • Tax exclusions and deferral techniques
  • Stock vs. asset sale analysis

Exit strategy analysis

  • ESOP
  • Inside vs. outside buyouts
  • Gifting and estate planning
  • Re-capitalizations with private equity groups and others

Putting your company in a sellable position

  • S vs. C Corporation analysis
  • Maximizing value
  • Analysis of value drivers

Buyer consulting

  • Minimizing after-tax acquisition cost
  • Maximizing after-tax earnings available for growth and expansion
  • Choice of business entity
  • Valuation consulting
  • Financing options
  • Negotiating price and terms


Grow Your Value

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