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Succession Planning Services

Develop your optimal succession plan.

Most owners do not have a formal succession plan in place, nor do they fully understand all of their options. Do you know all of your options? Do you have a specific strategy? Do you have a succession plan and if so, is it solid? And do you know how to implement it?

Rea Strategic Solutions offers comprehensive succession planning services that give you not only a formal succession plan, but the resources to implement it successfully. You'll receive a customized plan that is tailored specifically to you and your needs, in addition to:

  • Information about all available options and strategies.
  • Help in choosing your optimal succession plan.
  • Assistance in implementing the plan.

Our succession planning services include the following two levels of reporting options:

Succession Planning Report

Comprehensive Succession & Strategic Planning Report

  • Business mission statement
  • Summary of family strategic plan
  • Snapshot™ valuation
  • Exit options analysis
  • Strategic plan document
  • Business action plan
  • Personal action plan

To discuss your succession planning needs, please contact Tim McDaniel.

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