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‘estate planning awareness: why it matters & what to do’



what is unsuitable?

It’s the unique financial services and business advisory podcast that challenges your old-school business practices and the traditional business suit culture. You’ll hear from industry professionals who think beyond the suit and tie to offer meaningful, modern solutions to help you enhance your company’s growth.

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episode 103: estate planning awareness: why it matters & what to do

Dave McCarthy, principal out of Rea’s Medina office, talks estate planning with unsuitable on Rea Radio‘s host Dave Cain

Sooner or later, time catches up with all of us. As unpleasant as that thought may be, planning for death is, in fact, a necessary part of life, and we simply couldn’t think of a better time to share some critical estate planning tips with you than this week – which also happens to be National Estate Planning Awareness Week.

Dave McCarthy, a principal in Rea’s Medina office, has a knack for estate planning and trusts. We discuss how to choose an executor, which assets to include in your estate plan, what you should do with your asset list, and what other documents you should have in place before you die.

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episode 102: today’s customer service paradigm is all about immediacy

Chris Liebtag | Customer Service | Ohio Business Podcast
Chris Liebtag, Lean Six Sigma black belt and project management expert, joins Dave on this episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio to talk about how businesses can benefit with more efficient customer service practices. Listen Now!

Businesses can no longer afford to be anything but attentive, accommodating, and polite when it comes to customer service. One wrong word or tweet from someone on your front lines might be all it takes for your company to go viral … and that’s not necessarily a good thing. So, with all that’s at stake, what are you doing to improve the quality of your own customer service practices? As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, a Lean Gold Practitioner and a Certified Project Management Professional, Chris Liebtag, president of the Rea Consulting Group, has helped businesses nationwide achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency. He joins us on unsuitable to share how a few simple adjustments to your existing customer service processes can yield incredible results.

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episode 101: how to be a business development super hero

Mark Hoops | Business Development | Ohio Business Podcast
Mark Hoops joins Dave Cain on this episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio to talk about the qualities essential to an effective business development strategy. Listen now!

Business owners, do you ever feel like you’re expected to be two different people?  On the one hand, you’re expected to be a genius in your craft. Whether you manufacture widgets or brew craft beer, you’d better be fully capable of jumping in and getting your hands dirty. On the other hand, you must maintain a high-level view of your company; always poised to act on opportunities as they arise, while maintaining fluency in sales, marketing, and public relations. Believe it or not, striking that balance is possible, and in this episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio we talk to somebody who does it every day. Mark Hoops, a principal in Rea’s Lima office, is a skilled business developer with nearly 40 years of experience in the accounting industry. He shares how any business owner can develop relationships and leverage opportunities that will help them maintain balance.

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episode 100: our favorite business & professional growth resources

100 Episodes | unsuitable on Rea Radio | Ohio Business Podcast
We are proud to celebrate 100 episodes of unsuitable on Rea Radio. Check out this  episode for some fantastic business and professional development resources … for business professionals from business professionals.

To celebrate the 100th episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio, we’re doing something special. We asked many of our previous guests to share some of their favorite business and/or professional growth resources with us, and the results have been incredible! To compile the answers for this episode, we sat down with Mike Moran, Mark Van Benschoten, Brad Circone, Tim McDaniel, Brad Martyn, Chris Pyrcraft, Mary Beth Koester, Michaela McGinn, Annie Yoder, Mike Taylor, Kyle Quillen, Joe Welker, Kim Veal, Mark McKinley, Greg Saul, Kevin Bill, Andrea McLane, Desiree Lyon, Pat Porter, Abbey Kanellakis, Matt Scherer, Heather McNichols, Peggy Minnig, Brian Kempf, and Austin Black. But that’s not all…   If you want to take advantage of even more resources that will help you improve your business practices or grow in your professional career, we published the full list of 100 resources on our website at

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