A peer review that exceeds expectations with practical advice you can use

The peer review process is often seen as a necessary evil, but have you ever thought of it as a learning process? It can help your staff better balance the technical details of profitability, staffing and administration with practical solutions.

The professionals at Rea & Associates will work to exceed your expectations by providing more than just the standard peer review. Our experienced professionals  have the knowledge and experience to address the specific needs of your practice – whether you are a large practice, a small practice or focus on a specific geographic market. Plus, we’ve grown from a single office in a small town to a large regional firm with multiple offices and international ties. We understand small and large businesses, and everything in between.

Our peer reviews are administered by the AICPA National Peer Review Committee (NPRC), which allows us to perform reviews subject to NPRC administration.

Contact Jim Hensler, head of our peer review team, to learn more about how Rea & Associates can help your firm. You can also get business advice from our article library.