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Accounting Article Library

You need to stay informed on the issues that affect your business today. Check out our comprehensive article library and learn about a variety of business topics. Click on the categories above to access the articles.


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  1. How Much Money Could You Be Losing From Fraud?

    What you should know about occupational fraud and how it could be affecting your business

    Don McIntosh - April 10, 2014

    Occupational fraud – the misuse of a business's resources (including money) to benefit an individual employee's personal gain – is almost inevitable when you are a business owner. The truth is, it's going to happen to you, perhaps… read more

  2. Intro To College Costs 101

    Learn how you can ease the burden of increasing higher education costs

    Sandy Lende - April 10, 2014

    Let's face it. College costs are on the rise. And if you plan to pay for your children's college education, knowing and planning how you will pay for it is as important as planning for retirement. The average cost to attend a public… read more

  3. Tips for Fraud Prevention

    Use nontraditional procedures to detect and deter fraud

    Chad Welty - March 18, 2014

    In today's world, fraud is everywhere. In business. At the bank. On the playing field. And unfortunately, it's even in the schools. You'd like to believe it's not happening in your school district (and hopefully it's not), and you want to… read more

  4. Ensuring Accuracy and Preventing Fraud In Your Small Business

    Strengthening Your Internal Controls

    Leslie (Les) M. Wymer - March 12, 2014

    Internal controls are processes and procedures designed to ensure that accounting data is properly authorized, recorded and reviewed to ensure its accuracy. These also include controls to ensure that physical assets are properly safeguarded… read more

  5. Is Bigger Really Better?

    Understanding how growth is defined

    Matt Pottmeyer - March 12, 2014

    How many times have you heard, “Grow or die,” or “Bigger is better,” when referring to business? This is what everyone is taught, so it has to be true, right? You have read it in respected business journals, it’s… read more

  6. Last Year's Ambulance Ride May Pay You Back

    Tax Refunds for Medical Expenses

    Lisa Beamer - March 10, 2014

    If you haven't already done so, you're probably gathering all of your tax information to give to your financial advisor. Throughout all of the paperwork, you may discover some hefty medical expenses and you may be wondering if you can get a… read more

  7. Five Financial Considerations for Every Age Group

    Financial Best Practices At Every Life Stage

    Molly Farley - February 12, 2014

    Are you on track to meet your financial goals? Review the following financial considerations for your age group and evaluate where you may fall short. If you're in your 20s: Live within your means.  Learn to keep spending in… read more

  8. Where's Bill ... Sally? | Employee Absenteeism and Its Effect on Workplace Productivity

    Learn How To Control Workplace Absenteeism

    Charlene Meadows - February 12, 2014

    For many individuals, coming to work every day is not an easy task. There may even be days when you find it hard to come to work, too. But did you know that employee absenteeism is one of the main contributing factors to a company's lost… read more

  9. Are You PCI-Compliant?

    What you need to know about accepting credit card payments

    Joe Welker - January 15, 2014

    Your customers hand over their identities to you every day. They trust you and your employees with their most sensitive information – whether those customers are buying one of your cupcakes or turning to you for their insurance or legal… read more

  10. Don't Let Bad Behavior Take You Down

    A Strong Ethical Position Can Protect You from Potential Losses

    Mark Van Benschoten - January 15, 2014

    Susan takes money out of a cash register. Is that right or wrong? Certainly, we all know that’s wrong. But what if she “borrows” a piece of equipment without asking? Takes a sizeable gift from a vendor? Enters into a… read more


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