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Unsuitable on Rea Radio. An unique financial services and business advisory show that challenges your old-school business practices and the traditional business suit culture. You’ll hear from industry professionals who think beyond the suit and tie to offer meaningful, modern solutions to help you enhance your company’s growth.

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  • @OilandGasTax: Just like it sounds! Tax updates for oil & gas businesses as well as businesses in their allied industries. Brought to you by David Shallenberger, director of oil & gas services
  • @BrightDentalCPA: Tweets just for dentists from Alan Hill, director of dental services.
  • @GrowYourValue: Tim McDaniel, director of business valuation services, tweets about ways to grow the value of your business.
  • @LeanCPA: This one is just for other CPA firms from our division, Lean CPA, LLC. Chris Liebtag, director of CPA consulting services, shares efficiency tips for those firms.

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Blog. Meet Drebit, the frog that blogs…and the love child of Debit and Credit. Drebit answers your burning business and financial questions. He’d love it if you “hopped” on over!

Know and Grow Blog. Want advice on understanding the value of your business and helping it grow? Follow our business valuations blog, cultivating your business, a strategic approach to growing value

Brushing Up Blog. The blog focuses on key strategic business issues faced in dental practice management.