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HIPAA: Not Just For Health Care Providers

Government entities are required to comply with HIPAA requirements

- September 20, 2017

You’ve probably heard of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). And while like most people, you may think this law applies only to health care providers –you’d be wrong. Read on to learn more.

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Not A Statistic

Business Incubation Drives Long-Term Success

- September 11, 2017

Because most owners of startup businesses have never been exposed to the unique demands of business ownership, the resources provided by incubators are critical. Read on to learn more.

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Save Money, Go Social

Understand Your Customers Better When You Use Common Social Media Platforms

and - September 8, 2017

Want to step into your customers’ shoes. Want to know what they like, what they dislike, what challenges they face and what we can do to help. Read on to learn how – on the cheap!

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Scammers Target Hurricane Relief Donors

Avoid Scams When Donating To A Relief Fund

- September 7, 2017

Those moved by the spirit of compassion and community must be reminded to err on the side of caution as fake charities have already been identified among the throngs of genuine do-gooders. Read on to learn more.

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Another Way To Help Your Employees Save

Do Employer-Sponsored 529 Plans Deserve A Spot In Your Benefits Package?

- August 29, 2017

Looking for a way to make your benefits package more desirable? Adding an employer-sponsored 529 Plan could be just what you need to attract and retain top talent. Read on to learn more.

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Are Your Suppliers Meeting Your Demand?

Choose The Right Supplier For Your Business

- August 25, 2017

Supply and demand is the name of the game and when your customers are counting on you, you need to know that your suppliers aren’t prohibiting you from meeting the demand. Read on to learn more.

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