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Rea & Associates is different from the other stand-alone providers currently offering 1095-C preparation services. We won’t leave you wondering which code to fill out or what treatment applies to you, and you won’t have to explain yourself repeatedly to different customer service reps. When you work with Rea, you will receive a direct dial number to an ACA expert who specializes in the needs of businesses nationwide. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call Joe Popp at 614-923-6577 and get started today.

The Services You Need, When You Need Them

Many payroll providers will require you to transfer your payroll over to them before they will even offer you their 1095-C preparation service. This often comes with a requirement to upgrade to higher priced modules or platforms, sign longer term contracts, or pay for additional services beyond what you are looking for – someone to complete your 1095-C forms.

Does this tactic sound familiar?

Did your provider promise “full data integration” and “push of the button form generation” for your convenience? Sounds great, doesn’t it? But unless you have your insurance with that same payroll company, you are still going to have to put in to time and resources to retrieve the data from your insurance provider and provide it to the payroll company.

All the while you will still be  stuck paying for the “push of the button form generation” service they promised, even though they can’t start working on your forms until you find and provide them with the required employee eligibility data. Do you even know where you need to look to find that? (Hint: Your insurance agent won’t have it because they never see the information pertaining to people who aren’t eligible for coverage.)

Keep Your Payroll Provider – And Their Contracts

Rea & Associates is different, and here’s why …

Our clients are closely held, family-run businesses that want to work with trusted advisors who share their values of hard work and reasonable fees for a job well done. These businesses choose to work with us because, like them, we believe in the value of an honest day’s work.

Why Work With Rea On Your 1095-C Prep?

Rea & Associates is one of the few firms offering stand-alone 1095-C service. Not only will we generate your 1095-C Forms for you, we will help you to retrieve data you either already track and have access to or that you would have to retrieve from your insurance provider anyway. We won’t make false promises and we won’t charge you for services you don’t need.

Real People Deliver Real Results

We don’t believe in filtering our clients to phone banks full of people who specialize in reading scripts and delivering canned answers; and we won’t make you navigate your way through layers of automated command prompts on the phone just to speak to a real person. Rest assured that if you have questions along the way, you’ll be paired with a real person every time. And, you’ll have a direct dial to your advisor, which will give you access to an ACA expert when you need them.

When You’re Ready – Never Before

Need more assistance determining full-time status? We can help!

Need to determine if you are a 2015 large employer? We can help!

Our service is as involved or light as you need it to be – and if you don’t want to pay for full data integration, tracking, or push button 1095-C generation, you don’t have to!

Our 1095-C Form Preparation services are available to businesses nationwide. Call Joe Popp today at 614.923.6577 to talk about the level of service you are looking for.

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